Johnson, Bremer & Ignacio, CPAs
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Johnson, Bremer & Ignacio, CPAs
3959 Pender Drive, Suite 112
Fairfax, VA  22030
United States
Phone: 703-934-6650 ext 105
Fax: 703-934-6654
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Getting to know Johnson, Bremer & Ignacio

Johnson, Bremer & Ignacio, CPAs, P.C. traces it roots back to a sole proprietorship which started in 1972. Through the years, the firm has progressed from proprietorship to partnership and now to its current status of a professional corporation.

From its beginning, it recognized that community associations had a need for specialized accounting auditing, tax and consulting services and to day provides such services to over 400 associations that are either self-managed or managed by numerous property management companies. Our community associations include fully settled and developing condominiums, homeowners and cooperative associations.

The firm is currently undertaking an expansion of its fields of interest into the areas of nonprofit organizations, bookkeeping and write-up activities.

Products/Services: Accountant/CPA
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