District Clean
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District Clean
Nate Guilmain (Owner)
711 Park Ave
Falls Church, VA  22046
United States
Phone: 703-533-8716
Fax: 202-533-7284
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Company Description:

Our key business objectives are to provide exceptional service, reliability and quality workmanship, performed by committed and trained staff. Everything we do is designed to meet your specific business needs. We believe that it’s important to have tangible, measurable goals which are set at the beginning of each new contract.

With this in mind, District Clean works with you and your staff, to tailor a service schedule and expectation checklist. By doing this, you will always have an objective touchstone for a thorough service assessment. District Clean professionals are experts in taking into account all aspects of office cleaning that may affect your workplace, including some that are generally overlooked but may have wide-ranging repercussions for your company, including OH&S and hazardous materials compliance laws.

Products/Services: Janitorial & Porter Services
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